Institute for Macroeconomics

Teaching at the Chair of Macroeconomics

  SS 19 WS 19/20 SS 20 WS 20/21
VWL II: Makroökonomie (BA)     x  
Macroeconomic Theory (BA)   x   x
Dynamic Macroeconomics (MA)   x   x
Advanced Topics in Economic Theory (MA) x   x  
Seminar in Macroeconomics I (BA & MA) x x x x
Seminar in Macroeconomics II (BA & MA) x x    


Module Overview

  Modul Macroeconomic Theory Dynamic Macroeconomics Advanced Topics in Economics
Bachelor Economic Policy I x    
Economic Theory x    
Master Innovation and Growth   x  
Growth and Agglomeration   x  
Agglomeration and Innovation   x x
Microeconomic Theory     x
Economic Theory and its Application in Finance     x
Network Economics     x