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Seminars in the summer term 2023

The Chair of Macroeconoics offers two seminars on macroeconomic topics in the summer term 2023: Digitalization, AI, and the Future Economy und What's up Inflation? Recent advances in theory and empirics. Registration is possible until Friday, March 24, 2023. article on federal budget and intergenerational fairness

The article discusses the current federal budget from the perspective of intergenerational fairness, with contributions from Prof. Brumm and three members of the Bundestag. (Article in German only) article 11-22-2022
Radio interview on public debt and debt brake

In this interview, Johannes Brumm answers questions regarding government debt, the debt break and the current special assets of the German Federal Government. Additionally, he outlines concepts for a fiscal policy that takes all future generations into account. (Interview in German only)




Interview egoFM Reflex 10-28-2022
Teaching in the winter term 2022/23

The Chair of Macroeconomics offers the bachelor lecture "Macroeconomic Theory" as well as the master lecture "Dynamic Macroeconomics". Further information can be found here.
Additionally, the seminars "Economic Choices Over the Life Cycle" and "The Synthetic Control Method in Macroeconomics" are offered.

ERC Starting Grant awarded

Johannes Brumm receives a European Research Council (ERC) Starting Grant. The project advances solution methods for high-dimensional stochastic overlapping generations (SOLG) models to address applications related to public debt and pension reform.
The project ,SOLG for Policy‘ will be funded for five years with a total amount of about 1.5 million Euro. We are happy that our team will grow and that we will be able to address questions of high relevance for society.

KIT press release (German)

New Publication in Journal of Public Economics

The Article Are Deficits Free? by Johannes Brumm, Xiangyu Feng, Laurence Kotlikoff and Felix Kubler is accepted for publication in Journal of Public Economics.

Teaching in the summer term 2022

The Chair of Macroeconomics offers the master lecture "Advanced Topics in Economic Theory" in cooperation with the Chair of Network Economics in the upcoming summer term. Further information are provided soon.
Additionally, two seminars on macroeconomic topics are offered. Further information can be found soon in the Wiwi-Portal.

Visiting Position at Harvard University

Prof. Brumm visits Harvard University in Spring 2021 and gives a lecture on numerical methods for solving high-dimensional dynamic models.

Top Evaluation for Economics II

The student evaluation of a total of 90 compulsory lectures at the KIT Department of Economics and Management has placed „Economics II: Macroeconomics“ among the top ten.

Publication in Econometrica

The article Using Adaptive Sparse Grids to Solve High-Dimensional Dynamic Models by Johannes Brumm und Simon Scheidegger was published in Econometrica.

Publication in Econometrica

The article Recursive Equilibria in Dynamic Economies with Stochastic Production
by Johannes Brumm, Dominika Kryczka und Felix Kubler was published in Econometrica.