Brown Bag Seminar

Presentations take place in building 30.28, room 004 from 11:30 until 13:00. In general, each session consists of two talks with each 30-minute presentation and 15-minute discussion.

Winter Semester 2023/24


Date Person Chair Title
22.11.2023 Paul M. Gorny Chair of Human Resource Management The Gender of Opportunity: How Gendered Job Titles Affect Job Seeker Attraction
  Kretz Claudio Chair of Economic Theory Fixed Costs of Self-Control Imply Magnitude Effects and Poverty Traps
31.01.2024 Runxi Wang RG Strategic Decisions Capacity-based redispatch for flexible consumers
  Danisz Okulicz Chair of Economic Theory Efficient and Fair Congestion Resolving in a Lawyer Assignment Problem


Summer Semester 2023


Date Person Chair Title
03.05.2023 Paul Gorny Chair of Human Resource Management The Role of Adaptivity in Human-Robot Collaboration: A Field-in-the-Lab Experiment
  Jakob Hußmann Chair of Macroeconomics Optimal Debt to GDP: A Quantitative Theory
07.06.2023 Matthias Molnar Financial Engineering and Derivatives The Impact of Microstructure Noise on Delta-Hedged Option Returns
  Runxi Wang RG Strategic Decisions Combinatorial auctions for renewable energy support
21.06.2023 Lora Pavlova Chair of Applied Econometrics Framing effects in consumer expectation surveys
  Sven Walther Chair of Human Resource Management Honesty and Trust in Virtual Communication


Winter Semester 2022/23


Date Person Chair Title
18.01.2023 Narek Mirzoyan Chair of Economic Policy The impact of a bilateral environmental treaty on emissions: a case study using the Synthetic Control Method
  Danisz Okulicz Chair of Political Economy Career concerns and task selection: explaining gender gap in legal profession
25.01.2023 Karoline Ströhlein Chair of Human Resource Management He, She, They? The Impact of Gendered Language on Economic Behavior
  Christopher Krause Chair of Macroeconomics Countercyclical Fiscal Multipliers According to HANK


Summer Semester 2022


Date Person Chair Title
01.06.2022 Nikas Scheidt Chair of Economic Policy International Environmental Cooperation and the Diffusion of Renewable Energy
  Luca Pegorari Chair of Macroeconomics Housing and Pecuniary Externalities
13.07.2022 Lora Pavlova Chair of Applied Econometrics Quantifying subjective uncertainty in survey expectations
  Hannes Rau Chair of Political Economy Nash equilibrium play in preference games